Why Hanging Out in a Coffee House with Friends While Enjoying Great Coffee is Such a Great Experience?

Coffee shops are more than just coffee shops nowadays where you can order a cup of coffee. Coffee shops are now one of the best places where people can hang out, relax and kill time, for as long as they want, while drinking one or more cups of coffee. They are commonly filled with noises of people chatting and ticks of POS processing orders. To save yourself from standing in a long time to get served, try to go to these coffee shops early in the afternoon or late in the morning. These are the best time to avoid the crowd.

But before you learn why it is now a favorite spot of groupies; do you know who the frequent visitors of a coffee shop are? Learn below.

  • Self-important businessmen. They are on their very respectable suits, constantly checking their watch and having a loud and heated conversation on the phone while waiting for their coffee. Once they get their order, they won’t even say “thank you.” The only words they utter are “buy” and “sell” over and over again.
  • Screaming kiddos. When you see screaming kids inside a coffee shop that only means one thing. They are waiting for their mommies who only want to get and drink coffee.
  • A novel/scriptwriter. There’s this one person in the corner who’s busy typing on his computer. He feels like no one else exist around him as he’s too engrossed to what he’s doing.
  • Someone who looks at everyone with a stink eye. Whenever you come to a coffee shop, you will surely notice that there’s this weird person on the side who is giving a death stare to everyone else inside. Maybe this person is only at a bad mood. Good thing he’s inside a coffee shop. He really needs coffee to relieve his moodiness.
  • A perplexed first timer. A first timer steps inside the coffee shop with this confused expression written all over his face. First timers would really have this look as they find it difficult what everyone else is talking about, including the people at the counter. What is chai tea latte? What’s coffee macchiato? But the best question to ask in the counter in order to not look like a first timer is: “What can you recommend?”
  • Friends hanging out and enjoying chitchats. When you hear laughter and skimpy screams inside a coffee shop that will surely be from a group of friends chatting and whispering to each other.

Do you know why they love to hang out in a coffee shop or why they find it as a great experience? There are valid reasons for this. Learn what these reasons are below.

  1. They find coffee shops as their sweet escape. While everyone else is busy outside, running and rushing to their appointments, groupies remain relaxed inside the coffee house. They leave their problems behind and just let themselves be rejuvenated by a great and savory cup of coffee.
  2. They got no rules to follow. Everyone is welcome in a coffee house, from the most ordinary people to the executives. Once you come in, you are given the same treatment. And most of the time, they do not restrict anyone to be loud, laugh and to just be themselves. Unlike in malls where everyone else will look at you when you’re loud, everyone else in a coffee house has their own business to concentrate on.
  3. Homey. The best word to describe a coffee house is homey. This place can provide you with high levels of comfort. The aroma of caffeine which fills every corner of the house is just soothing to the senses and relaxing to the mind. They’ve also got pastries which you and your friends can bite along with every sip of your favorite coffee.
  4. Convenient. Instead of making coffee on your own, which typically takes a lot of time unless you are a professional barista and you have the resources at home, group of friends just go to a coffee house to get their most favorite coffee blends. This is a wiser choice for them. Coffee houses are very accessible everywhere. While they make you enjoy drinking their coffee, they also let you enjoy the outside world at a very affordable price.
  5. Can open romantic rendezvous. Have you heard love stories which all started from a cup of coffee?  Well, groupies are looking for this inside a coffee house. They find the place as a good spot to target someone they find cute and interesting. And when they have a prospect, they will never let this person slip away from their eyes.

Many people love coffee. There’s no question to this. Since the test of time, coffee has been part of lives mainly because of its addictive aroma and taste. Some people can’t even start their day without drinking at least one cup of coffee. To the different blends of coffee today, sure-fire that you have a favorite. What is your favorite coffee drink? Share your opinions now through our community on Facebook and Twitter!